Winter Wolves

When Baba Yaga rolled down from the Crown of the World and conquered what is now Irrisen, a large portion of her army was made of Winter Wolves. The legends say that part of the deal was that the wolves would then have full access to the cities of Irrisen, and the trade therein, as citizens. This is why the wall surrounding Whitethrone has a hole in it large enough for any Winter Wolf to comfortably stroll through. This is also why in the cities of Irrisen, Winter Wolves find themselves capable of quickly and comfortably shifting into a human form.

Their human forms all share the same pale skin, silver hair, and pale blue eyes, but other than that Winter Wolves in their human form differ as much as any humanoid race.

There is another legend that Winter Wolves share through their oral traditions. They say that in order to secure the Winter Wolves as part of her army, Baba Yaga came to them as a Winter Wolf herself. She dealt with the alphas as a wolf would, and secured the allegiance of the Winter Wolves through their own traditions – eliminating the competition through violent but fair combat.

Another part of the legends say that Baba Yaga admired the strength of the Winter Wolves enough that she not only recruited them, but joined her blood with theirs, and bore several litters as a Winter Wolf herself. While all Winter Wolves are able to shift within the cities of Irrisen, some few find themselves innately able change shape, while others manifest their ancestor’s power through inherent arcane affinities.

Character Creation

+10 Strength, +2 Dexterity, +8 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, +2 Wisdom

Magical Beast: Winter Wolves are magical beasts with the cold subtype.
Darkvision: Winter Wolves can see in the dark up to 60 ft.
Immunities: In any form, Winter Wolves are immune to cold.
Vulnerabilities: In any form, Winter Wolves are vulnerable to fire.
Snow-bound Scout: Winter Wolves have a + 2 racial bonus to Perception, Survival, and Stealth. In snow, the Stealth bonus increases to + 8.
Change Shape: Winter Wolves have the ability to assume the appearance of a specific single human form of the same sex with white hair, blue eyes, and very pale skin. This ability is as alter self with the exception of their stats, which remain the same no matter which of their forms they are in.

Winter Wolves have the following traits only while in wolf form.

Large: A Winter Wolf’s wolf form is Large Size.
Scent: Winter Wolves gain scent in the wolf form.
Fast: Winter Wolves have a base speed of 50 ft. in their wolf form.
Natural Armor: Winter Wolves gain +7 natural armor bonus in their Large size wolf form.
Natural Attacks: Winter Wolves in their wolf form have a natural Bite attack, which deals an additional +1d6 cold damage, as well as a Trip attack.
Special Attacks: Winter Wolves have a breath weapon that deals 6d6 cold damage in a 15 ft. cone, usable every 1d4 rounds.

Breath Weapon (Su)
DC: 10 + 1/2 HD + Constitution Modifier

Character Creation ~ Game Setting

Winter Wolves

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