White Witches

“The White Witches are the landed nobility of Irrisen – princesses, duchesses, countesses, baronesses, and the like – and therefore hold most of the power in Irrisen. They are all female Jadwiga winter witches, and the highest-ranking and most powerful among them are [the] Jadwiga Elvanna.”

pg. 71; The Snows of Summer. Reign of Winter Bk 1 of 6

Every 100 years, as Baba Yaga returns to Golarion to crown a new monarch for the country, the upper echelons of Irrisen are replaced by the descendants of the new Queen.

The male descendants of the Queens comprise the majority of the White Guard, are not considered to be White Witches, and – like all other citizens of Irrisen – are barred from the actual governance of the country.

White Witches

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