Reign of Winter

This is the online reference site for the Reign of Winter campaign beginning in September.

Character Creation is Sept. 3rd. If you have the chance, please check out the link before that.

Every 100 years, the entire ruling class of Irrisen undergoes a complete turnover. As each Queen is crowned, they restructure the order of the government to suit their purposes, sometimes drastically.

Queen Elvanna’s reign has just entered it’s 100th year, and she has announced that Irrisen will be expanding it’s borders, and re-creating the rest of Golarian in the image of Irrisen, the image that Baba Yaga began 1400 years ago.

To this end, the Winter Guard has been expanded greatly. Those favoured by old administrations were the first to be ordered into a ‘uniform’, but many who used to walk unhindered within the borders of Irrisen have also found themselves drafted, and held within the ranks by the White Witches.

Some muttering within the ranks claim that Queen Elvanna’s orders are breaking old deals made with the Witch Queen Baba Yaga, but beyond being withdrawn during most public appearances, no consequences seem to have struck the current Queen. Most have taken this to be a sign that she works with the Witch Queen’s approval.

This does not change that fact that many of the Winter Guard are less than pleased with their new appointment, including those posted at portals to unidentified parts of Golarion…

Wishes in Winter

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