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Winter Guards

You are natives of Irrisen, land of eternal winter, and you’re not terribly fond of Queen Elvanna and the Winter Guard, nor of the idea of guarding a portal for no apparent reason. It’s too bad that no one asked your opinion when drafting you.

Character Creation

House Rules
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Game Setting

This game is set in Golarian as published by Paizo. The places which PCs come from, mention, study, or visit, will be listed and detailed on this page.

Border Wood – a forest on the southern border of Taldor
Zimar – a former garrison town in southern Taldore
Demgazi – a town on the south side of the Border Wood
Golsifar – a Taldorian coastal town

Fishcamps – one of the encampments that provides supplies to Whitethrone
Waldsby – a small town north of the Hoardwood Forest
Whitethrone – the capitol of Irrisen
Ytterjorna – a corrupt town on the south-western shore of Glacier Lake

Main Page

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