Land of Eternal Winter

“Almost every youth in Avistan fears the White Witches of the North, who dwell in palaces of ice and steal wicked children…”*

To the north of Varisia, and sitting between the Land of the Linnrom Kings and the Realm of the Mammoth Lords is Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter. Created by the Baba Yaga fourteen hundred years ago exactly, the residents of Irrisen today hold a healthy respect for the Witch Queen and all things under her purview.

Symbols and motifs can be found in every Irrisen household, adorning doors, gates, hearths, weapons, and clothing. Cats and dogs are kept as favoured household pets, and living symbols of good luck.

Irrisen is ruled by a monarchy, and every 100 years, Baba Yaga returns to Irrisen to remove one daughter from power, and instate another daughter in her place. While the old queen leaves Golarian with her mother, the new queen appoints her own children to positions of power, with sons leading fighting forces and daughters running the government and administration. The ruling class of Irrisen is House Jadwiga. The women of the ruling class are interchangeably refered to as the Jadwiga or the White Witches.

The current queen of Irrisen is Queen Elvanna, Fourteenth Daughter of Baba Yaga.

Cities of Irrisen:
Whitethrone – the capitol city of Irrisen

* For more information on Irrisen, check out the Inner Sea World Guide, pg. 78.

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