Character Creation

Just so you guys know, I prefer to do a group character creation session, with some soft RP if the actual building of characters goes fast enough (but since I still have to balance races, this is unlikely). i.e. Don’t expect session one to be diving right into the adventure path.


PCs will begin play at approximately CR 5 (6 HD). In order to make math (i.e. balancing) much easier, everyone will begin with the following traits in common:

  1. 4 + Intelligence Skill points per HD
  2. 6d10 HD
  3. 2 good saves, race dependent.
    • Winter Wolves: Fortitude and Reflex.
    • Fetchlings: Reflex and Will.
    • Teiflings: Fortitude and Reflex.
    • Half-Orc: Fortitude and Reflex.


All classes in the Core Rulebook and the Advanced Player’s Guide are approved. All classes in the Advanced Class Guide are tentatively approved, until such time as someone points out anything ridiculously broken out to me.


Stealing from Cedric! We’re using the same alignment as Cursed by the Gods. To quote his rules page:

In a step away from the caricatures often drawn of various alignments, I am changing how alignment exists in setting for this campaign. Rather than a couple letters on your sheet that indicate how nice you are or whether you make your bed in the morning, alignment will indicate cosmic allegiances to the forces of good, chaos, evil, or law. This means that most people don’t have one (effectively true neutral). Most people are not so philosophically tied to these concepts as to qualify for an alignment. Being petty and selfish is not the same as sacrificing a town to your draconian overlords.

The effect is that most PC’s (and NPC’s) will not have an alignment, with the notable exception being clerics and divinely focused characters, who have dedicated their lives to an ideal or entity. Outsiders from appropriate planes will still have alignments, and classes with alignment restrictions and codes of conduct still have them.

Spells like Detect Evil will give results less often, but it will mean more when they do. Suddenly the Paladin making a big deal about detecting an agent of darkness means something, as it now indicates more than a mere highway brigand.

Some class functions, like smite evil, will be modified to be useable against non-aligned creatures in appropriate situations, making them more of a personal form of judgement.


Players receive 25 Point Buy at Character Creation.


We will be using characters traits, as per the Advanced Player’s Guide.
Currently approved sources: APG.


PCs start with 1,000 gp worth of personal equipment.

Character Creation

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