Ten-Penny Tacey

a half-orc, and former cook for Rohkar's Raiders


Ten-Penny travelled with Rohkar’s Raiders for anywhere from a couple months to a few years. As their cook, she did not ever participate directly in raids prior to the arrival of the PCs. With the excursion to raid a caravan she was on the front line for the first time, and discovered that her fellow raiders were frighteningly incompetent. She has since been obviously disgruntled with her position within the group.

As the only person to share a language with the PCs, Ten-Penny developed a fairly amicable, though still slightly wary, relationship with the PCs.

She was left behind in Taldore along with“John”, “Trigger” and “Hachet”. The four of them represent all that remains of the High Sentinel and Rohkar’s Raiders.

Ten-Penny Tacey

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