Ringeirr Malenkov

member of the Heralds of Summer's Return


Masterwork thieves tools
+ 1 studded leather


A resident of the Fishcamps, Ringeirr Malenkov was ‘rescued’ by the PCs from the local small-time tyrant, Marcian Enarxion, and his ogre goods, Borger and Whunk. In exchange, he offered to escort the PCs into the capitol.

Upon realizing the PCs were the bearers of the Mantle of the Black Rider, Malenkov continued on with the PCs, bringing them to the forger Mortin. Mortin and Malenkov then went with the PCs to the hidden shrine to Milani operated by the Heralds of Summer’s Return, under the Hidden Gardens, where the Heralds and the Iron Guard are collaborating to move against the Jadwiga Elvanna.

Ringeirr Malenkov is a member of the resistance known as Heralds of Summer’s Return.

Ringeirr Malenkov

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