Wishes in Winter

Letters Home to Irrisen, Part 9


The last few days have been a punishing wait. We decided to head to Ytterjorna and attempt to get fake paperwork so we could get into Whitethrone. The plan is to disguise ourselves as couriers for a minor noble delivering a message. Hopefully, we can keep the ruse until we can finish the job of freeing Baba Yaga. We’ll sell what gear we have left to sell in the next town and maybe try and find out what info we can about the set up in Whitethrone. Then we go after the Hut. Apparently, it’s sitting in the town square being guarded by the same White Witch who’s tower we raided. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Whitethrone but I’m pretty sure we can get close enough to the square and make a blitz. Here’s hoping.

Well, now this is interesting. Ytterjorna hasn’t changed much. It’s still corrupt, thankfully. We’ve arranged and paid for papers; we’re just waiting for them to be finished. It’s the waiting I hate. After this, we’re going to the Fishing Camps and are going to attempt to enter Whitethrone via The Bay.

I was just in the tavern, talking to other wolves. City wolves. They were bragging about playing a game where they tie a deer into a bag and chase each other with it. It must be nice to be so boring. I feel such anger. They looked at my group and joked about eating the Temerith. I dissuaded them without attacking, but I still want to go back and tear their throats out. How dare these whipped little cubs threaten my toys. No, I have to keep the cover and not draw attention. I can’t wait for this part of the job to be done.

Do you remember that friend of yours? Viggo? The one with the thing for Mercy? I forgot about him until today. Did Mercy ever tell you what happened between the two of them? I know you’ve heard Viggo’s side of the near riot but I’m not sure if you heard mine. I guess I don’t need to keep covering for a superior officer anymore.

Viggo was always trying to get into a patrol with Mercy, just to get her attention. Always trying to impress her by swaggering around or getting her gifts by, like, grabbing at fish in the market that we were patrolling. Just being an ass. Anyways, one time I left the two of them together under the excuse of “going to talk to the Sargent”. But Lieutenant Ronja was talking to her so I ended up circling back, just as Viggo was playing his big moves. They were patrolling that row of weaving shops that the Mad Maid Brecha owned when Aina’s cub, Torn, bounded up to them and started to play with Mercy, nipping at her. Mercy, being Mercy, mock snarled at the little tyke and tried to play back but Viggo just let into the poor cub. Knocked him flying. Poor guy landed hard too. And Aina lost it. Let out this howl that was answered by her pack and clan nearby before she just came for Viggo. For such a pretty wolf, she’s as mean as fire when riled. Mercy, too, leapt on him and tried to bite his ears off. Luckily for him, I was just getting there and I was able to pull them off, not that I tried too hard. Then Aina’s family showed up and we made a tactical retreat. Even Brecha got in on the action, becoming visible as she threw pins on the ground in front of us, fucking fae bitch. Damn near had a riot.

We got back and Mercy just kept on him. Out of all of the cubs we knew, Torn was the one that reminded her the most of Couri and she was upset. The dumb lug had broken the poor guy’s leg and everything. Sargent Tuva had to smooth everything over. We caught nothing but trouble for this. What worse, the Guard needed to save face, so Mercy and I got the shaft and Viggo got his sideways promotion. Bastard even ordered me and Mercy to keep our traps shut about what had happened. Oh, well. You saw his “command”. A bunch of idiot ogres? Have fun Viggo! I hope you still have a pin in your paw. I wonder if they got shipped through a portal?

We have our papers. The forger was a creepy little man who didn’t ask questions so now we’re good to go. The plan is to circle around Whitethrone and go to the Fishing Camps before making our attempt. I heard that Whitethrone has a problem with trees for some reason. I wonder what that’s all about.

Valorous, Get of Heartseeker. Black Rider of Irrisen.


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