Wishes in Winter

Letters Home to Irrisen, Part 8


We’ve left the awful haunted temple and moved on towards Pjallarane’s Stone. We couldn’t properly deal with the temple so we propped up a sign that said “Warning! Haunted Assholes!” and left it at that. It’s really the best we could do given the situation. That temple has been on the side of that road for 1400 years. Why hasn’t anyone else dealt with that? No even a damn sign. We put up a damn sign! Fucking useless Winterguard.

We have skirted The Stone because of the Snow Goblin cults. There is a lot of those little bastards and we’re not sure which side they’re on. As we passed it, we had our camp invaded by little fey. It was a troop of them and they we trying to steal food. We knocked one out and scattered the rest. Apparently, this type of fey likes wreaking travelers food. How fearsome they must have been in Baba Yaga’s army. Now that I write that out, they sound pretty useful as raiders. We still took it and wrapped it into a ball and played “Jinxkin Ball” until we got bored. We buried the ball in the hole we used for camp refuse. This is pretty far south for them. I wonder why they were here?

We made it to a river and found a little fishing village to trade with. In order to keep the strangeness to a minimum, we split up. Temerith and Durzak entered on foot while Athelryn and myself ran around the outside of the village to meet them on the other side. This way the villagers wouldn’t see me pulling a sled. That’s how embarrassing this is. If villagers see me acting like this, they’d remember. The things I get to do sometimes. Remember when Hope put Patience in that dress? And the braids and the make up? That’s nothing compared to this. Anyway, Durzak and Temerith sold what they could of our loot and bought some supplies. They even heard some rumours about The Draft. Durzak has an item that makes him look different. It’s a strange magic because it even makes him smell different. I’m not happy with it.

Meanwhile, Athelryn and I sat just off the road waiting. That’s when we heard some sort of commotion and went to investigate. A villager had gotten killed just outside of his hut and his wife was hiding inside, terrified. Luckily, the other two had just caught up to us and the four of us went went off to look into this situation. As we were sniffing around, we found the culprit: A Quickling who seemed to have real problems with humans. He had killed the man at the behest of another fey and seemed content to kill every human alive. The little twit kept ranting about the “Human Oppressors” and “Breaking the Evil Human-Centric Hegemony”. We beat him senseless and tied him up in a bag. He had an even smaller fey with him who I caught in my teeth. Luckily, I remember the last time we dined on fey and didn’t swallow! The little fey also got the bag treatment. The woman inside the hut said that she had a son who was half satyr who had left home years ago. I gather he had a tough time fitting in so he left. I figured that if the half satyr had returned, he’d maybe pay a ransom to get his assassin back. Little did we realize just how messed up this little domestic was about to get. Mercy isn’t kidding when she said never deal with the fey.

Anyways, we found the rest of the fey hiding out in an abandoned barn. We approached and had a talk with the mate of the Quickling we had already caught. I have no idea what this group was about: two Quicklings named Faernip and Zzbaba, the Twigjack Tindercrick and Garen, the Fawn. Garen wanted to visit his mother but his friends had misunderstood why he left the situation in the first place so they decided to go and avenge him. When he argued that they didn’t get what he was saying, they tied him up and left him in the barn. Anyways, there wasn’t anything they had to ransom and they got very belligerent. Temerith sneaked into the barn and attack Zzbaba as the rest of us busted the door down. I tried to go through the wall of the barn, thinking that it couldn’t of been that sturdy. It stood for 1400 years or more and it still stands. Colour me impressed. Zzbaba died to Temerith. Durzak and Athelryn killed Faernip who had escaped from the bag. Zzbaba, in a final act of defiance, stabbed the helpless Garen, screaming “We did it all for you!”. Temerith gutted her before she could clarify. When we were done, I tore Faernip in half to keep him from healing. Little jerk was just too crazy to let live, you know. We saved the poor sap and reunited him with his mother. We even released Tindercrick to Garen. We got them to promise to not talk about us to anyone. On threat of a return of The Black Riders, no less. “The Black Riders Have a Way of Finding You”. So ominous Temerith, so ominous.

We’re on the road once more. There is many fey out on the roads, it seems. I guess, with the Winterguard trying to take over the world, no one has been patrolling the borders of Frostfey. Let’s hope they are guarding Whitethrone with this sort of diligence. Soon we arrive at Whitethrone.

I hope you read this and are safe. I’m still really sorry about the whole “Gate Closing” thing.

Valour Get of Heartseeker and Black Rider


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