Wishes in Winter

Letters Home to Irrisen, Part 14

Into The Woods


Well, I have to give it to Lord Oryo, his intel is impeccable. According to his reports there are at least three units of White Guard within the forest, safeguarding The Hut. Add in Vasilliovna herself and it’s about sixteen jadwiga and an unknown amount of fey. Also some trapped civilians. We asked about that and he told us, when the forest sprang up, it trapped some of the merchants within. No one has heard from them since. Also, some idiot children had gone in about a month ago, “searching for adventure”, and had not returned. They are now considered dead as are any of the civilians reported missing when the forest sprouted up. The forest has only one cut entrance, which is guarded by one unit of Winter Guard and a pair of doll lookouts. The forest is so dense that no one has been able to push though without serious injury. There is some sort of path way cut through the forest to The Hut but the forest is now growing new trees, pushing outwards into the city. The people are trying to cut the forest back but it might be a losing battle, especially with the city in revolt.

These reports are really messy when it comes to The Queen herself. Queen Elvanna is reported to of exited The Hut with, at least, Rasputin. She then had The Hut chained in the Merchant Square at that point and the forest sprouted up overnight afterwards. But there is a report that states that Queen Elvanna re-entered The Hut after it was chained and before the forest sprouting. There is another report saying that she and Rasputin left The Hut and went to the castle. Rasputin was reported to of had an argument with The Queen at at the castle before storming back into the forest and, also, re-entering The Hut. Weird. Temerith and Durzak spoke like it made sense to them, babbling about Thresholds and Mirrors. These two are really getting strange.

The reports are lacking when it comes to the fey. There is no number given for the ones reported within the forest, which brings up an interesting question: Why are their so many of the pointy eared bastards fucking around? How did they get missed by The Draft? I asked the lord and he said that the fey are just kind of like that. Some did get drafted but it was more likely they allowed themselves to be drafted. Out of boredom or curiosity, he guessed. None of the reports give any indication what the fey are doing within the forest or what their interest is. Curious or bored fey are the worst kind of fey.

Temerith and Durzak are bathing in the hot springs above this temple right now. She has spread out her wings in the water and making this strange satisfied clicking chirp. Atherlyn and myself are deep with the temple, in a corner that I’ve breathed into, making it as cold as I can. Naked stone holds the cold so well and is especially nice on my belly. We were just lying there, laughing at how strange our night has been. It’s been a fun time.

Bed now. The plan is to sleep during the rest of the night and set out an hour before dawn. The least amount of people will be out then and we will be able to approach the forest without witnesses. We have done the work for the Red and White Rider, but now it’s time we strike as the Black.

We’re in the forest now Welcome? . I have a few minutes to write before we get back to it. So Faeries Oh hi Valour. How’s your sex life? . There is a lot a bunch of the dumb bastards in here Oi! . All sorts too We are a varied lot and they are screwing this place up Now that’s a little harsh . First up, magic is causing time to become something dreamlike It’s called a Reality Distortion dummy . Temerith and Durzak both noticed it when we crossed the threshold and passed the guards Because they aren’t dumb . It’s like time has stopped mattering now. I hate this Too bad. We’re fond of it, really .

Whitethrone in the early morning is annoyingly human We know right! . A light snow sprinkles on the stones. The bakers were up and you can smell their baking bread. The merchants where sleepily setting up their shops and pointedly ignoring us was we glided past. All very boring Yep but the dolls were our first priority. They were set on top of buildings, watching the entrance to this accursed forest. Durzak and myself crept up and ended them before anyone noticed. We now have their gems, which might be worth something, as long as they don’t start making creepy noise like the last one But that’s the best part .

When I was told this forest was solid, I was not expecting this. There is almost no space between the trunks and have become a solid wall of branches and needles. I can see stones trapped within the branches of the trees as the cobblestones have been torn up by the sudden explosive growth Like happy forest fireworks! . One can see where the people have been trying desperately to cut back the forest, trying to stop it from gobbling up more homes and shops. I’ve never seen anything like this, Piety Piety? Who names their kid Piety? Or Valour for that matter? . It’s like a story come to life You must lead a pretty boring life if this sound impressive .

We crossed into the forest and sound became muted. I can only hear the rustling of branches. Men called out, challenging us, asking who we were Really? We didn’t see them? Must be new or something? Or just really bad at their job . Temerith smugly told them we had business within and they countered by demanding to know who we served. “Baba Yaga,” Durzak defiantly called back and we attacked. This was a straight forward fight Then why did you make it sound so exciting? . They were armed with glaives, short swords and bows so I’m not sure who they were expecting to guard against. I mean, this is pretty tight quarters in the forest. Maybe the fey keep to the trees? I don’t know. We killed most of them but kept the captain alive to spread the tale of the Riders. Temerith still finds that fun We like her. She at least know what a good time is! .

After stripping the guards Did they have any cold iron? Hate cold iron , Athelryn said she heard someone calling for help I thought you were a wolf? Don’t they have super hearing or something? Why is she always spotting things way before you do? . We thought it sounded like some sort of fairy trap and decided to check it out Naturally . When the forest sprouted, it really did sprout up explosively, destroying buildings unlucky enough to trapped within the area. But some of the houses have been tangled within the branches. That was the case here. We found a mostly intact house that still had people living in it and they were now trapped Really? Because we walked by there a bunch of times and never noticed them . The children, Crina and Trevis, Children?!? There was children there? That sucks caught our attention, then quickly regretted that when a smiling Temerith flew up to them. They explained that they had been asleep when the forest grew and have been calling for days now. Days. This forest has been been here a month, but only a few days have passed for them Told you. Reality Distortion . We freed them and told them how to escape That is very nice of you . We even warned them about the guards that we left alive Are you sure you’re evil because that sounds pretty goody two shoes to us . The father, Karend, gave us a magic amulet that use to belong to his dead wife, saying that, since we saved him and their children, that she would want us to have it. Why she had a magic amulet that protects from harm and why it didn’t do her any good, no idea Us neither . I don’t have the heart to tell him that we’re just going to sell it the first chance we get Ah, there’s the evil we were asking about .

As they left, Athelryn said she could now hear music deeper in the forest Again? . Again we thought it has to be a trap and we decided to check it out Naturally, again . The path narrowed until we had to squeeze past razor sharp needles, then opened into a clearing that had an weird magic altar in it. I mean strange. A ten foot stone slab with six stone column circling round. Circling, as in floating and moving It’s called a Reality Syphon and it’s not all that unusual. But they are pretty cool . I was floored Naturally. Because you’re boring . How did this work and why was it happening? Reality Syphon. Don’t you listen? There was a female fey wearing a white feathered cloak A Swan Maiden? Where did she come from? Does anyone know her? standing on one of the circling columns, watching us. A male fey, his hair seemingly burning, was on the altar itself, playing a pipe His name was Ravathiel and he was awesome you jerk . Temerith engaged them in conversation and seemed nice Because he was, jerk! The male told us the fey in the forest had a plan. To steal The Hut and take it to someplace called The First World Which is a very nice place and everyone should come by for a visit . I would like to point out at this time that the Winter Guard have allowed this to happen. They’re very bad at their job They really are . At any rate, the fey attacked us and we killed them We will remember that . The female turned into a goose of all things A swan! She’s a Swan Maiden and they turn into swans, you ass and tried to fly away, only to be tackled by Temerith and shot full of arrows by Athelryn Again, who is this Swan Maiden? Did Ravathiel bring her? . I grabbed the male and tore him off of his little perch. Poor sap didn’t stand a chance. Next time, don’t bring a flute to a wolf fight Fuck you . Durzak said there must be two more of these altars in the forest, called Fonts, and that is what the fey are using to steal The Hut. So that means two more of those Dawn Pipers. Lovely. Oh, don’t sound so excited jerk face

Okay. Temerith and I are talking to a group of five fey. Three women with long red hair They’re Baccae and their names are Mari, Elzbethe and Joliphetta and they are very fun so you leave them alone! and two males, who look very goat-like Who are these satyrs? Where did they come from? Did the DM put them there? . They, and three humans they have ensnared, are have an “end of the world” party Which sounds awesome and have asked us to join. Athelryn and Durzak have slipped off to check out another house that we’ve seen What? Another one? What were we looking at? , leaving Temerith and myself to chat with this group And we bet they’re super excited to talk to you . They’re friendly, in not a little insistent, and are chatty We call it being neighbourly . Looks like Athelryn and Durzak have found the missing "adventurers” What?!? More children we missed? Worst time ever!! and are leading them towards the entrance Boooo!!!! .We are heroic today Yeah. About that. Aren’t you four suppose to be the Black Rider? Not a very heroic persona, you know? And how are the four of you the Black Rider? Do you share the title? How does that work?

Looks like these fey are getting a little uppity. More later! Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap

Valour, Get of Heartseeker Oh, you two are Heartseekers cubs! That explains a lot. Doesn’t explain why you’re so boring or why you have stupid names but it does explain why you are such a jerk face!!! , Black Rider of Irrisen And FYI, that’s pretentious .


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